Prestige Tiffon Spirits

Cognac Tiffon has a rich past and a present renowned by its trademark.


The pride of Tiffon family, a collection of our most exquisite vintage cognacs. Tiffon EXTRA is a unique blend that embodies the essence of our Cellar Master and five generations. Tiffon Extra is highly rewarded for its excellent quality and finesse.

Tasting notes

Pronounced notes of rancio on the nose, with aromas of leather. On the palate, black pepper and roasted nuts with underlying notes of plum and apricot. The finish is fresh and delicate.

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Tiffon XO is a blend of great eaux-de-vie from the best crus Grande and Petite Champagne, carefully aged in our cellars.

The color

At Tiffon, we pay tribute to Torula Compniacencis by embracing the color black. From our packaging to our branding, black serves as a visual reminder of the transformative power of this enigmatic fungus. It symbolizes the essence of Cognac’s evolution—the profound changes occurring within the dark recesses of the aging cellars.

Tasting notes

Tiffon XO reveals a delicate nose with a note of dried fruit followed by an aromatic complexity dominated by notes of vanilla. The finish is elegant and subtle.

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